The onslaught of globalization has resulted in unprecedented socio – political and economic changes. On the one hand, the collapse of global governance and simultaneous increase in the clout of the corporation has necessitated a greater role for the corporate sector to play a larger role in the development sector, with the concept of corporate governance. On the other hand, research has shown that traditional ways of doing business with a focus on mere profit maximization without considering the social, economic and environmental responsibility of business has its limitations and is often detrimental to the sustainability of business itself.

This has resulted in a paradigm shift of businesses to commit themselves to both modifying the way they produce, that is, by reexamining their supply change and production processes and at the same time, an understanding that business must take into account all stakeholders, wherein the larger question is one of impact of goods and services and the business on not just consumers, but also on communities, environment and their business interests. This shift of modern business organizations towards a triple bottom line sums up the essence of CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility.

At the heart of what we do

Research and Policy Advocacy

The National CSR Hub, TISS, undertakes research, awareness building and policy advocacy that enables businesses to empower people – socially and economically, thus facilitating inclusive and equitable growth.

  • Best CSR practices
  • Define indicators for assessing tools and frameworks
  • Facilitate convergence among policies and programmes
  • Bridge effectively among companies, policy making bodies and implementation mechanism.

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Advisory Support

The Hub supports individual companies in their CSR plans, helps them navigate the thicket of the social sector space and provides consultation through the team of faculty experts of various social domains.

  • Identification of Needs Assessment
  • Financial social audit of CSR expenditure
  • Monitoring and Evaluation framework
  • Reporting, milestone identification and strategy assessment

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Training & Capacity Building

The Hub enables organisations to carry out their CSR initiatives effectively and constantly monitors projects for maximum impact by building capacities through formal training in partnership with agencies and institutions across the country.

  • Governance of CSR initiatives
  • PrograCustomized capacity building modules
  • Partner identification and evaluation
  • Employee and organisational stakeholder engagement


The Hub aims to develop a database of various kinds of development organizations with whom the TISS community at large can interact to create an environment of mutual learning.

  • Around 600 NGOs emapnelled NGOs from varied sectoral and geographical areas
  • Programme support and capacity building
  • Collaborations to meet CSR funding
  • Opportunities for knowledge and technology transfer

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Project Proposal Bank

This initiative by the Hub, is a step in bridging skills, knowledge, relationship and resource gaps between the Corporate and the Not for Profits.

  • Connecting CSR firms with flagship development projects
  • A repository of innovative projects sustainable, and outcome oriented social development projects

Case Studies

The Hub has been working to uplift communities across India, to give a leg up to those who need assistance, to finance dreams that change lives and adopt missions that are altering the way the world is shaping tomorrow.

Goa Shipyard Ltd.

The National CSR Hub at TISS with GSL, extended support to The Sateri Collective Farming Cooperative Society.

Coal India Ltd.

At National CSR Hub we value and understand the needs of our corporate partners like Coal India Ltd (CIL).

Want to Work With Us?

The Hub acts as a bridge between public enterprises (including PSUs) and credible NGOs in India.

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BSE Sammaan in collaboration with National CSR Hub of Tata Institute of Social Sciences is organizing, two day workshop on CSR Management at Kolkata on 16th & 17th December 2016.
Each training session is conducted by subject matter specialists. The panel of resource persons is comprised of TISS faculty, senior development sector professionals, industry experts and practitioners from reputed organizations.
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Effective CSR Management and Governance

December 16, 2016, 9:00am - December 17, 2016, 6:30am

BSE Sammaan in collaboration with National CSR Hub of Tata Institute of Social Sciences is organizing, two day workshop on CSR Management at Kolkata on 16th & 17th December 2016. Each training sessio...

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4th Regional Capacity Building Workshop

November 28, 2016, 1:00pm - November 29, 2016, 6:30am

Partnership for CSR.

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