Steps for Partnership

Following are the steps that you can go through for becoming our partners.

To be a partner organisation of the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, applicant organisations must be empanelled.

Application for empanelment as an organisation provided the organisation meets the general eligibility criteria.

In case an application is accompanied by a reference letter from any of the companies that have signed MoU with the National CSR Hub at TISS with clear mention of thematic and geographic areas and duly signed by the competent authority that the company wishes to engage the organisation for, these applications shall be given priority in scrutiny.

Once an organisation is empanelled with the National CSR Hub at TISS, there are 3 modes of partnership management:

  • The organisation’s details alongwith thematic and geographical areas of empanelment are shared with those corporations that have signed MoU with the National CSR Hub, TISS. These companies ‘may’ get in touch with empanelled partners, as per their CSR policies and areas of engagement.
  • Every empanelled organisation is sent an electronic copy of the certificate of empanelment with TISS. Applicant organisations may themselves approach prospective funders with not only a copy of the letter, but most importantly with a project proposal, after doing necessary homework about
    funder’s priority areas for funding.
  • TISS also maintains a database of prospective projects from empanelled and affiliated development organisations, based on their adherence to the TISS AESDII, that are ready for support. All empanelled partners of TISS are eligible for applying for empanelment of a flagship project proposal. The TISS does not assure funding for empanelled partners, but plays a proactive role in connecting potential funders with potential projects of empanelled partners through its Project Proposal Bank.

The National CSR Hub at TISS, may also conduct field verification visits to empanelled organisations as a part of monitoring.

Each and every applicant organisation is sent relevant communication from the Empanelment Committee – either that of additional query or empanelment or non empanelment.

The tenure of empanelment of organisations is three years, to be renewed by the applicant organisation after the completion of the cycle, whereas an empanelled project proposal is kept in the TISS Project Proposal Bank, subject to regular monitoring and TISS playing the role of a knowledge partner in such collaborations.

As per revised policy, as opposed to an earlier cap of two years, with effect from April 2017, applicant organisations that are unable to be empanelled, may re-apply after one year, from the date of communication of non – empanelment received from the Empanelment Committee. However, the applicant must attach the earlier letter(s) of non- empanelment with the new application

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