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The National CSR Hub at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences undertakes research, awareness building and policy advocacy that creates and enable a socially responsible business environment in India which socially and economically empowers people and facilitates inclusive and equitable growth.

The Research and Development (R&D) undertaken by the Hub constitutes:

  • Emerging definitions and roles of CSR in India and other countries that promote inclusive growth.
  • Best PSE CSR practices, tools, frameworks and systems.
  • Economic and social empowerment of vulnerable and marginalised communities through CSR initiatives.


Create awareness amongst PSEs on new developments in the CSR modules. It also engages in organising platforms such as conferences, seminars, discussion forums to disseminate knowledge on good practices in CSR.

Foster a sense of healthy competition and engagement among PSEs in CSR performance and effectiveness.

Define indicators for assessing the adoption of socially responsible practices by companies. The Hub also advocates these indicator as standards for Indian Business Practice and CSR.

Facilitate convergence among policies and programmes supported by different stakeholders (government, NGOs, people groups and networks, PSEs and private sector) to create sustainable and equitable growth. Bridge effectively between PSEs, policy making bodies and implementation mechanisms.

Through its programmes it addresses the regional disparity challenge by sensitizing corporate to invest in the backward regions and creating support systems to reach out to underdeveloped regions through capacity building of local institutions/NGOs.

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